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Taken from Crack Magazine (Sep 23, 2022)

Joy Orbison and Overmono team up for new track, 'Blind Date'

The trio has teamed up for their second collaborative release.

by Kez Cochrane

PhotoCredit: Rollo Jackson
PhotoCredit: Rollo Jackson

Following on from previous 12'' Bromley/Still Moving, today Joy Orbison and Overmono have released new single Blind Date via XL Recordings. The dance cut also sees them team up with R&B artist ABRA, with the track built around her vocal hook.

In a post on Instagram, Joy Orbison and the Overmono brothers wrote, "The first Joy Overmono collab was forged in the boys old studio in Bromley and came together really quickly - we just clicked from the off. Moving away from Bromley was traumatic for obvious reasons and consequently this one took a little longer. we ended up working on this track in about 4 or 5 different studios, including a mad trip to Peter Gabriel's country pad."

"The three of us often have a really clear idea of what we wanna do together," they continued, "and we've been tweaking this one for quite a while now."

Listen to Blind Date below.


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