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Taken from Live4ever Media (Sep 22, 2022)

We Are Scientists release new single Operator Error

"It starts with what sounds like a countdown timer for some kind of destructive alien device", We Are Scientists' Chris Cain said.

by Dave Smith, Live4ever

Gary Mather for Live4ever
We Are Scientists live in Manchester (Gary Mather for Live4ever)

We Are Scientists have released their first new music of 2022, Operator Error.

"I have a tendency to deliver hot takes and to get extraordinarily overheated about utterly inconsequential things," Keith Murray explained.

"I got into a multi-hour argument over whether Top Gun: Maverick is a halfway decent movie. Maybe it's weird, then, that I also tend to be pretty sanguine over big issues."

"It's fairly hard to drag me into a heated fight, or to get me to say something that I'll later come to regret. On important matters, I like to keep quiet, to listen to everyone else's take, and to silently build my own bullet-proof argument, which nobody else will ever hear."

"I operate in dual modes - one where I'm apt to deliver my dumb opinion with little provocation, and one in which it's almost impossible to get me to say what I'm really thinking."

"It's probably a pretty frustrating character trait for the people who are trying to engage me in consequential conversation, and I apologize to my friends and my enemies, alike."


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