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Ultimate-Guitar - That Time Doug Wimbish Crossed Paths With Jaco Pastorius
'The next day, I pulled up in my Pinto, drove him out to the place, and the guys freaked out - they didn't know I was bringing Jaco out.'





Rock Celebrities - Steve Hackett Shares The Ultimatum That Ended His Genesis Career
In a recent chat with The Metal Voice, guitarist Steve Hackett recalled the ultimatum that pushed him to make the decision to leave Genesis. Hackett opened up about why he left by explaining: 'I think I joined a band that was a democracy, a songwriters collective. I left a band that was becoming a dictatorship, [...]'





maytherockbewithyou - Corey Glover of Living Colour (Video Interview)
COREY GLOVER 'Hopes' LIVING COLOUR Will Release New Music Soon: 'We Want It To Be Right'





Rock Celebrities - Queen's Brian May Warns About The 'Evil Side' Of AI
Brian May recently sat down with Guitar Player for their October 2023 issue and shared his concerns about the dark side of AI when it comes to its impact on music. When asked about the use of AI in the music industry and if he experienced it in his scientific endeavors, the guitarist replied: 'It [...]'





LEO Weekly - Q&A: Fishbone's Angelo Moore Talks Upcoming Projects, Racism, and How He Defines Success
LEO music writer Jeff Polk catches up with Fishbone singer Angelo Moore ahead of their show in Louisville with Parliament.





Ransom Note - Adrian Sherwood interviews Panda Bear and Sonic Boom
Ahead of the release of his dub reinterpretation of the last Sonic Boom and Panda Bear long player Adrian Sherwood asked all the questions that matter.





Dangerous Minds - 'A Trip to Bolgatanga': Bonjo Iyabinghi Noah on African Head Charge's first new album in 12 years
Bonjo Iyabinghi Noah and Adrian Sherwood inaugurated the daring studio project African Head Charge in 1981 with My Life In A Hole In The Ground. Both in the studio and in live performance, African Head Charge has burned up the intervening decades exploring unknown Mystery Spots of sonic experience, transmitting dub sonar signals in every dimension where sound travels.





NPR - 'Life and death is such a fine line': PJ Harvey on creating in a place between worlds
Harvey talks with NPR Music's Ann Powers about her album I Inside the Old Year Dying, a ragged, highly crafted adaptation of her epic poem Orlam, and why she prefers to make art without boundaries.





The Quietus - The Strange World Of... African Head Charge
From the forging of psychedelic dub as multi-cultural resistance and embracing Afro-Futurist emancipation to inadvertently producing one of the most profound sonic antidotes to cultural imperialism released this decade, Adrian Sherwood and Bonjo offer Jim Osman ten points of entry into their huge back catalogue





Yahoo Entertainment - Held By Trees Leaves the Lyrics Behind to Offer Listeners a Liberating Experience in the Project's Two Forthcoming EPs
When asked what draws him to making lyricless music, David Joseph of the instrumental project Held By Trees explains, 'If you remove words and human voices, you remove a whole layer of what a listener is processing...if you allow the music to do the communicating, I believe it reaches a different part of us'.





capradio - Sacramento native Dawn Silva chronicles funk career in new memoir
Funk vocalist Dawn Silva joined CapRadio's Chris Campbell to talk about her newly-released autobiography and career in the funk music industry.





Okayplayer - How BLK ODYSSY Brought Together Bootsy Collins, The Alchemist & More For 'Diamonds and Freaks'
BLK ODYSSY spoke with us about his new album Diamonds & Freaks, launching his career out of Austin, Texas, working with Bootsy Collins and more.





1420 WBSM - Peter Frampton Feels Alive: Exclusive Interview
An interview with Peter Frampton from June 2023.





The Nation - How Michael Franti Finds Hope in Troubled Times
A music legend, and longtime Nation reader, talks about music, optimism, and Howard Zinn.





LouderSound - We got Tenacious D to interview Ozzy and it turns out even Jack Black gets star struck
Metal, movies and Randy Rhoads - this is what happened when Tenacious D interviewed Ozzy Osbourne





Urbanista Magazine - Peter Gabriel discusses his new album and first tour in the UK and Europe since 2014 (Interview)
This is your first tour in the UK and Europe since 2014 (and since 2016 in the USA). Do you approach a new tour of this scale with a sense of excitement or trepidation? Perhaps a bit of both? There's always a mixture of dread and excitement when you decide to go on the road [...]





Punknews - In conversation with Chris Dowd of Fishbone
Fishbone have just released their new self-titled EP. Recorded and produced by Fat Mike of NOFX, this EP sees 4 of the 6 original members reuniting to create powerful, vital music that serves as the soundtrack to the world we are living in now. The five tracks prove without a doubt that ...





W Magazine - George Clinton Keeps The Funk Flame Alive
The 81-year-old godfather of funk talks style, creativity, and planetary harmony.





Black Enterprise - KRS-One Talks 50 Years Of Hip-Hop And Moving The Culture Forward With Essence Festival Performance
Having grown up within a few footsteps of 1520 Sedgwick Avenue-the historical birthplace of hip-hop, KRS saw the culture unfold.





Okayplayer - A New Book Explores How Living Colour was Able to See the Future on 'Time's Up'
We spoke with Dr. Kimberly Mack about her expansive new book exploring the Black rock legends 'Living Colour' and their classic 1990 album Time's Up.





Metal-Rules - Interview Guitarist/bandleader Teemu Kääriäinen of Highway Queen
Highway Queen is a Finnish melodic/hardrock/heavy rock act that released their debut album BITTER SOUL at the end of last year. The band is a trio that has released four singles on different labels. Now it's time for the band to unleash their debut statement, which should appeal to fans of hard rock music with female vocals.





Fishbone, the legendary band out of Los Angeles that has fused punk, funk and everything in between since 1979, is on a mission. As bassist and founding member Norwood Fisher puts it, it might be 'the most important time in our lives except for the very beginning to be doing this'. With four of its six ...





BLABBERMOUTH - DAVE LOMBARDO Talks First Solo Album, 'Rites Of Percussion': 'There's More To Me Than One Speed'
Dave Lombardo would still be considered legendary if he did SLAYER and nothing else, but anyone who has tracked the drummer's career knows that he is infinitely restless. The myriad of projects he presently partakes in stretch far and wide, each with its own demands and styles. It...





It's Psychedelic Baby Magazine - Mark Duda | Interview | New Album, 'Bodega Flowers'
Mark Duda is a New York City-based artist and storyteller who sings, plays guitar, and writes great rock and roll songs. He recently released his brand new solo album, 'Bodega Flowers'. 'Bodega Flowers' is an emotional journey packed with characters, experiences, and swagger straight from Manhattan's lower east side. Duda seamlessly blends all of the ...





UNCUT - Feist: '(Writing) gave me somewhere to go with my mind when I couldn't go anywhere with my body'
With Feist set to release her latest album Multitudes, Uncut sits down for a question and answer session with the Canadian singer-songwriter



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