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Taken from BNN (Feb 28, 2024)

Dukes of Roots Launch Debut Album Featuring Stephen Marley, Ushering New Era in Reggae

Experience the rich blend of reggae fusion and meaningful collaborations on Dukes of Roots' debut album, showcasing a message of unity and positivity. Pre-order now for a musical journey like no other.

by Saboor Bayat

Dukes of Roots coverart
Dukes of Roots coverart

Mark your calendars for February 28, 2024, as the reggae landscape is set to be enriched with the release of Dukes of Roots' self-titled debut album. This compilation not only showcases the band's unique reggae fusion but also features an impressive list of collaborations, including the likes of Tarrus Riley, Kabaka Pyramid, and the Grammy Award-winning Stephen Marley. Eager fans can look forward to a blend of soulful tracks that promise to deliver messages of unity and positivity.

Soulful Collaborations and Eclectic Influences

The album stands out for its incorporation of diverse musical influences, which are brought to life through collaborations with some of the industry's most respected artists. Tracks like 'Stick with Love,' featuring Stephen Marley, highlight the album's core message of unity and love, resonating with listeners through its infectious rhythms and profound lyrics. The involvement of Grammy award-winning producer Sean 'YoungPow' Diedrick and co-producer Rod Walkey adds a layer of polished production quality, ensuring that each song offers an authentic reggae experience.

A Labor of Love and Positivity

Rod Walkey, a band member and executive producer, shared his excitement for the album's release, emphasizing it as a testament to the band's passion for reggae and the eclectic mix of influences that have shaped their sound. The album's aim to bring joy and positivity to listeners is a reflection of the band's commitment to their music and message. With the album's production involving notable figures like Marc Lee, James 'Bonzai' Caruso, Veer Dhaniram, and Chris Athens, listeners are in for a meticulously crafted musical journey.

Join the Reggae Revival

The debut album by Dukes of Roots represents a significant milestone in the reggae genre, pushing the boundaries of traditional reggae while staying true to its roots. The collaboration with Stephen Marley on 'Stick with Love' is just a taste of the harmonic and thematic depth the album offers. Distributed by ONErpm, the album is now available for pre-order, inviting reggae enthusiasts and newcomers alike to explore the soul-stirring sounds of Dukes of Roots. Don't miss the chance to be part of this musical movement that celebrates the timeless appeal of reggae music.

As the Dukes of Roots' debut album hits the shelves and digital platforms, it not only marks the arrival of a new voice in the reggae scene but also reinforces the genre's enduring message of love, unity, and positivity. Through their eclectic sound and meaningful collaborations, Dukes of Roots are set to capture the hearts of listeners worldwide, making a significant impact on the reggae music landscape.




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