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Taken from American Songwriter (Feb 27, 2024)

Exclusive Premiere: Sinkane's Unifying New Song "We Belong"

by Jacob Uitti

We Belong (coverart)
Sinkane - We Belong (coverart)

American Songwriter is proud to premiere Sudanese-American musician Sinkane's new single, "We Belong," which features the artist STOUT and is the title track from Sinkane's forthcoming new LP, which itself is set to drop later this spring on April 5.

For the lyricist (born Ahmed Gallab), the new song hearkens to 1970s funk music and is "about the never-ending quest for finding community." It's also an ode to impactful musicians like Parliament-Funkadelic and The Soulquarians, he says. Here below, we caught up with the songwriter to ask him about his inspirations for the track, how his multi-cultural identity influenced the work.

Check out the new song and accompanying video here below.

American Songwriter: What was the inspiration for "We Belong"-why this track, why now?

Sinkane: Musically, this song is an ode to Parliament-Funkadelic and The Soulquarians. Thematically, this song is about the never-ending quest for finding community and refuge in our greatest resource: each other. A fuzzy, funky gospel ode to the infinity loop that we call "hard times."

I wrote the lyrics after reading Alexander Pope's poem "An Essay on Criticism." Specifically after reading the line, "To err is human, to forgive divine." How beautiful is that? "Errare Humane Est." We are all flawed and that is okay. Just don't be a dick about it, okay?

AS: You are an artist with ties to many backgrounds, how does your multi-cultural identity come out most clearly in your music?

Sinkane: I think that you can see it clearly in how, in my songs, there are so many seemingly disparate themes and musical tropes that sit right next to one another. Or how Sinkane records take you on a journey. There are so many different kinds of songs that tie together under one common existential theme.

AS: What are you most excited for when it comes to your new record?

Sinkane: Performing all of these songs live. I finally figured it out with this album. All of my favorite musical ideas work together in the way that I've always imagined. Furthermore, my live band is incredible. We continue the conversation started on the album and take it to our space in a live setting. It's a celebration of life. I can't wait to experience that with each and every one of you!

We Belong Track List

1. Come Together
2. Another Day (ft. STOUT & Bilal)
3. Rise Above
4. Invisible Distance (ft. Tru Osborne)
5. Everything is Everything (ft. Tru Osborne)
6. We Belong (ft. STOUT)
7. How Sweet Is Your Love
8. Liming (04:54)B09. Home (ft. Hollie Cook)
9. The Anthem (ft. STOUT)




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