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Taken from Stereogum (Jan 24, 2024)

Pillow Queens Announce New Album 'Name Your Sorrow', Share "Gone": Listen

by James Rettig

Name Your Sorrow coverart
Pillow Queens - Name Your Sorrow coverart

The Irish Band To Watch Pillow Queens have announced a new album, Name Your Sorrow, which will be out in April. They recorded it with Collin Pastore at the Northern Ireland studio Analogue Catalogue, and they shared the teaser single "Suffer" from it a few months back. "It is about stages of love, loss and grief and how they can all exist alongside one another - intertwined, messy, beautiful-how both love and loss can coexist," the band's Cathy McGuinness said.

Today, they're sharing another new track from the album, "Gone," which they say "looks into the vapid nature of brief romantic encounters and the hyperbole that can become so monotonous, it makes you jaded." Watch a video for it below.

01 "February 8th"
02 "Suffer"
03 "Like A Lesson"
04 "Blew Up The World"
05 "Friend Of Mine"
06 "The Bar's Closed"
07 "Gone"
08 "So Kind"
09 "Heavy Pour"
10 "One Night"
11 "Love II"
12 "Notes On Worth"

Name Your Sorrow is out 4/19. Pre-order it here.




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