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Taken from mxdwn Music (Jan 17, 2024)

Eric Hilton Announces New Album 'Sound Vagabond' For February 2024 Release, Shares New Single 'Midnight Milan'

by Skyy Rincon

Eric Hilton (Photo: ALIZARE)
Eric Hilton (Photo: ALIZARE)

Trip-hop pioneer Eric Hilton has returned with the announcement of a brand new album entitled Sound Vagabond which is set to arrive on February 23 via Montserrat House Music. The Thievery Corporation's co-founder has offered listeners a taste of what can be expected from the forthcoming record with the release of a new single "Midnight Milan."

Speaking on the process of creating the album, Hilton offered, "This record is like a sound collage, with 60% samples and 40% live instruments. Sampling off old vinyl records is great, but there are obvious licensing and clearance headaches. Public sample libraries are a fantastic resource; you dig through a lot of hilarious garbage, but I'm astounded by the nuggets you can find. You can find specific instruments in any given key, and then the challenge is chopping them up, recontextualizing and integrating them with the track you're making."

Hilton released his latest album Corazón Kintsugi in September 2023 in collaboration with Natalia Clavier. In 2022, his record Lost Dialect arrived along with Ceremony in 2021, The Impossible Silence, Infinite Everywhere, and Thievery Corporation's Symphonik in 2020.

Rob Garza of Thievery Corporation has also released his own solo work over the years including 2018's "Your Calling" and "Velvet Coffin," 2019's "Where The Moon Hides" and 2021's "Something That's Different" and "Summer Is Ours."

Sound Vagabond coverart
Sound Vagabond coverart

Sound Vagabond Track List

01. Endless Affair
02. Glass Visage
03. Nico
04. Closer
05. Midnight Milan
06. The Violet Hour
07. Cerro Alegre
08. The Grand Intro
09. Sound Vagabond
10. Petra
11. Mumbai Hussle
12. Poppy Fields
13. The Mirror Inside
14. Lumi




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