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Taken from LouderSound (Jan 15, 2024)

"It's like a song from a parallel universe!" The funkiest, grooviest Korn remix ever just dropped, and it's got a classic Black Sabbath solo stitched in

Ignore all that Blue Monday nonsense, and get your groove on with this fiercely infectious new Korn mash-up

by Paul Brannigan

(Image credit: Bill McClintock YouTube)
(Image credit: Bill McClintock YouTube)

Back in 2005, Sky Travel - in a not-at-all-shameless bid to flog summer holidays during the coldest month of the year - claimed that the third Monday of January is the day that happiness levels sink to their lowest point, and labelled the day 'Blue Monday?' Utter shit, obviously, but a smart bit of marketing which has somehow stuck around in the public consciousness in our current post-truth climate.

Balls to that. Still, the dawning of a new year isn't always a riot of fun and frolics, so who wouldn't want to hear what is technically known in the trade as "an absolute banger" that will instantly dispel any lurking black clouds.

Enter mash-up maestro Bill McClintock, with the most infectious, funky and irresistibly catchy tune of 2024 so far: granted we're only two weeks in, but this will take some beating in the 11.5 months to come.

The constituent parts of Still Coming Undone are Korn's 2006 single Coming Undone and Portugal. The Man's Grammy Award-winning 2017 single Feel It Still, with a bonus slice of Tony Iommi's solo from Black Sabbath's Into The Void sewn in for good measure.

Look, it shouldn't work, obviously, but here's what The Internet is saying:

"This has no business going this hard" - @thelowkeysoundsystem6174

"Why aren't there bands out here doing this kind of kick-ass shit? Thanks Bill for doing no one else has the balls to do on their own." - @TheEricBooth

"The effort put forth to produce this outstanding creation is nothing short of amazing" - @Surreyredneck

"It's like a song from a parallel universe!" - @TheJanssenbart

Curious yet? In you go...

If you loved what Bill McClintock has done here, we strongly advise visiting his YouTube channel for more soul-elevating treats. Fancy hearing that time he slotted James Brown into Rage Against The Machine, or imagined the Godfather of Soul fronting Judas Priest? Ever pondered how Black Sabbath might sound collaborating with Wham!? Or been curious as to how a collaboration between Slayer and Prince could have worked out? Mr McClintock has your back.




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