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Taken from Michael Franti (Nov 11, 2009)

Joining the J Mayer Tour 2010 by Michael Franti

Dear, the best fans ever...

I am super excited to be touring with John Mayer in the spring of 2010. John is an amazing singer and songwriter and guitarist who shares my vision of bringing people together through music to have an incredible time.

Now I've read a few emails and tweets from some of you die-hards expressing concern that perhaps because we are performing in these larger venues the good old intimate days are over. Well, rest assured good people, that no matter where I'm playing - be it a festival in front of 70,000 people or in a bar in front of a dozen, my goal is to always create intimacy through music and connect with y'all through the most rawkin' show possible! We are working on a new album right now and you will be hearing many new jams on this tour so don't sleep.

I look forward to seein' ya on tour next Feb-April and I can guarantee that we will be headlining again in smaller venues, I'll be greeting sweaty fans after every show and you will still be getting the same ol' barefooted me (like it or not!) :). And If you really can't stand coming into the arenas, then just come out to the parking lot before the show because you'll probably find us out there jamming!

Thank you for all your love and support now and over the years,

Michael Franti


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