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Taken from KPFA Broadcast (Sep 12, 2007)

Interview with Michael Franti & Amy Goodman

by KPFA Broadcast

This interview was taken on Sat 08, Sep 2007 short after the gig of Michael Franti & Spearhead at the 9th Power to the Peaceful Festival. Check it out

Interview with Michael Franti & Amy Goodman by KPFA Broadcast

Taken from Subterranean Network (Sep 12, 2007)


by 3rdi

Power to the Peaceful Logo

This past weekend the Subterranean Network crew and the Bavubuka Foundation went to San Fran to Join 70,000 concsious thinkers, revolutionaries, social activists, burning man collective and all the others to support Michael Franti's free show in Golden Gate Park to promote Power to the Peaceful. it was an amazing weekend to say the least...Bataka Squad joined Franti on stage for a remix version of "Hello Bonjour". Bataka rocked the 70,000+ crowd with their native Luga Flow to cheers and screams. it was Awesome!!! I'm so proud of those guys...they have come along way. We also set up our first Bavubuka Foundation info/donation booth. We got to mingle with a lot of cool socially concsious like minded people and spread some awareness for the Community Center and Hip Hop Festival we are trying to make a reality in Uganda. Peace and blessing to everyone that was interested enough to come talk to us about our cause. VERY SPECIAL SHOT-OUT AND THANK YOU TO the whole Guerrilla Management crew (Anita, Catherine, Carla, Jill) for hooking us up with a kick ass day and just being the coolest women ever, Forrest,Cary, Becky, Janet, Rachael and Ace for coming out with us and helping out and supporting, The whole Bavubuka Team (Lara, Myra, Toby,Silas, Alex, Brett) for making it all happen and of course Michael Franti for being a Man that WALKS THE WALK AND TALKS THE TALK!!! Thanks for the Diamonds in the Rough shot out!!!! MUCH RESPECT!

Power to the Peaceful Logo

Taken from MySpace - Jurg (Oct 02, 2007)

Jurg's MySpace Pictures

by Jurg

Jurg - The ADF man from Tilburg/Netherlands travelled this year to SF in full expectation of the PTTP Festival. He had a wonderful time there - report still missing - but first at all he was sending me this pictures. MUCH RESPECT!





Taken from Indybay (Sep 10, 2007)

Power to the Peaceful Festival Rocks Golden Gate Park

9th Annual Music and Arts Fest Held on September 8th in Golden Gate Park

by IndyBay

Power to the Peaceful Festival Rocks Golden Gate Park
9th Annual 911 Power to the Peaceful Festival

On Saturday September 8th, Michael Franti and his group Spearhead – along with Guerrilla Management –presented the 9th Annual 911 Power to the Peaceful Festival (PTTP) at Speedway Meadow in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park.

This annual free music and arts festival is dedicated to social justice, non violence, coexistence, and environmental sustainability-- it aims to educate, enrage, enlighten and inspire. Every year, tens of thousands of people attend Power to the Peaceful.

Headliners Michael Franti and Spearhead were preceded onstage by Indigo Girls, Hot Buttered Rum, Bassnectar, and DJ Spooky. The event was hosted by Hard Knock Radio and broadcast live on Pacifica station KPFA. Journalist, author and Democracy Now! host Amy Goodman was just one of the day's special guests and speakers. In addition to the main stage, the PTTP Festival featured morning yoga, an open-air art gallery, a healing arts tent, vendors and food booths, eco village, valet bike parking, and social, environmental and political organizations with tabling and forums. Festival Ambiance was provided by dalabil and the Visual Consciousness. This year's DJ Tent was headlined by DJ Spooky that Subliminal Kid and Bassnectar.

A family-friendly kids' zone hosted arts and crafts with a flag-making workshop with Daily Acts, live theater with the Big Tadoo Puppet Crew, games, story-telling, face-painting, organic “snack time,” and exhibit from the Museum of Children’s Art and a scheduled "Kids Parade." Franti’s has published a new children’s book, What I Be, and he planned to visit the Kids' Zone in the afternoon. The event was followed by an after-party at the Mezzanine, and daytime Yoga Jam is planned for Sunday.

Photos from Power to the Peaceful

by Mahtin and Z themahtin [at] hotmail.com

Another beautiful Power to the Peaceful Festival in Golden Gate Park's Speedway Meadow. There seemed to me to be more visual art displays than usual. Many of them addressed themes related to sustainability. There was a giant "milk carton" about the disappeared women in Juarez, Mexico. There seemed to be fewer political tables than in past years, but I could be wrong...

be peace now

Truck powered by a biofuel

Conscious carnival

Dancing above the crowd

Dancing together

Femicide Facts

Globalize This!

Graf wall


Another Globalize This! sign

Peace sign

Speak Truth

Welcome to Earth

A view of the stage

Part of the crowd

The stage again

and one final view of the stage

by Bernie Fox bernief9 [at] gmail.com

Oct. 27 Coalition Mobilizers’ Meeting held at Centro del Pueblo, 474 Valencia St. at 16th, S.F.


On Sat., Sept. 8 organizing for the Sept. and Oct. mass demonstrations against the war took place. The meeting was followed by mass outreach throughout the Bay Area, including flyering and tabling at the Power to the Peaceful Festival.

Get involved—volunteer now! Find out how you can plug into the organizing work for the Oct. 27 Mass March in San Francisco.


Please email the A.N.S.W.E.R. Coalition at answer [at] answersf.org or call 415-821-6545 http://www.actionsf.org/

Oct. 27 Coalition Mobilizers’ Meeting organized by A.N.S.W.E.R.

Mobilizers in action

Laying out the plans on the calendar

Thousands of poster, and flyers to get out

Cases of powerful flyers for Oct. 27

At the Power to the Peaceful Festival

Volunteers manning A.N.S.W.E.R. booth at the Festival

The people show their power at the festival

The stage was filled with great music and performance

Flowers at the festival radiated sunshine and life

by amandamaria

Power to the Peaceful Festival Fills Golden Gate Park

Petal Art

Maquiladora Awareness

A group bringing awareness to the dangerous conditions facing women working in sweat shops, or maquiladoras, in Mexico, brought a giant milk carton painted with information about the number of killed or missing women and statistics about the work environment.

Michael Franti

While musical artists were performing there was sign language interpretation.

Kid's View

There were several kids on their parents' shoulders enjoying the concert. As the parents would bounce to the music, the smiles on kids sitting atop their shoulders would get wider and wider. The event was fun for people of all ages.

Sesame Street

In addition to Bob Marley and Sublime covers, Michael Franti and Spearhead covered the Sesame Street theme song. "Can you tell me how to get, how to get to Sesame Street..."

Love Party on Stage

At the end of the show the stage was filled with puppets, signs proclaiming things like "Have Faith," and plenty of people giving out flowers.

by Chuck Scurich scurich [at] pobox.com

Amy Goodman on stage


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