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Season’s Greetings and Happy Solstice to all!

Michael Franti at EU-Tour

Thousands of years ago, before there were religions, as we know them today, people celebrated the coming of the winter solstice (the shortest day of the year in the northern hemisphere and the longest in the southern) perhaps because they were scared the sun was going to extinguish itself forever, as the nights grew longer. When they saw the hours of sunlight growing longer again they were relieved, grateful and celebrated the beginning of a new cycle with song, dance, feast and togetherness.

It is with this in mind that I wish you great joy as we come into a new cycle of life. May this change in seasons mark a new period of faith, action, enlightenment, abundance and happiness for you and all your relations.

I encourage you to take this time to shed whatever is no longer serving you in your life and let in whatever it is that you have been waiting for. The world is in desperate need of people willing to take courageous leaps, and great risks in order to bring about positive change, peace and sustainability in the years to come. I challenge you to think what it is, no matter how great or small, that YOU can do to better serve her in the coming year.

I sincerely appreciate all of the wonderful people who have supported our musical journey this past year and look forward to seeing you on the road in the New Year.

Namaste, Salaam, Shalom, Peace, and Right On!!!

Michael Franti

P.S. In times of great struggle always remember:
Where there is challenge, The Teacher is in the room.


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