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Taken from Blog MySpace - KRS-ONE (April 11, 2006)

Temple of Hiphop

Hip Hop beyond entertainment

{Teachas Statement}

Peace and much love.

The last days for others shall be the first days for us! Sisters and brothers truth is never new, but there is newness in the way that truth is revealed to each generation. Truth speaks no specific language, belongs to no specific race or religion and reveals itself in the most controversial of places. To seek truth one must be willing to explore ideas, environments and activities that one may have never encountered before. One must be willing to question accepted norms and possibly modify them. The fearful, the doubtful and the close-minded can never attain truth. For in their own minds they have decided to accept their own way as the only way and such a way deprives them of ever knowing the ways of others. As a result, many fearful, doubtful and/or close-minded people simply wish for the changes that they themselves have not the power to actually attain. To change you must actually change! You must take off the old and actually put on the new. You must seriously be re-born.

We may all talk about the seeming rise in mass institutionalized oppression, injustice, corruption and deceit but how many of us are actually ready to do something about these social ills? How long shall we discuss progress and change through the same old traditional paradigms taught to us by those institutions we claim are ripping us off. We must become NEW! If we are truly serious about changing and/or advancing the societies in which we live we must begin with the transformation of our individual hearts and minds. There is no enemy greater than the ignorance of ones own self.

The traditional modes of change such as voting, educational accreditation, the passing of new laws, religion and even economic advancement have still not achieved the sweeping changes necessary for the actualization of freedom and justice for all. The truth is, no society is capable of mass productive change without first a renewal of mass social consciousness toward such a change. If we keep doing the same old things, we shall continue to receive the same old results. No one owes us anything! That which we refuse to achieve for ourselves is that which we agree we dont deserve to have. If we cannot respect ourselves, love ourselves, feed ourselves, protect ourselves, then how can we expect someone else to do this for us?

From the highest truth to the lowest fact, we must be willing to seek the truth of our own existence. We can still respect and even support the truths and facts of others foreign to our experiences, but if we fail to respect and support the truths and facts of our own experiences how then can we achieve that which we claim we deserve? At some point we must begin the process of believing in the certainty of ourselves. For if we dont believe in ourselves, who will? The Temple of Hiphop is indeed a change in consciousness. We believe in ourselves! We believe in our Hip Hop selves.

No, we dont claim to have all the answers. But one thing is for sure; we are Hip Hop!

We may be unsure, uncertain and even ignorant to most other subjects pertaining to the welfare of even our own lives, but we are certain of Hip Hop. And within that certainty we have a chance at a better quality of life because there is no challenge greater than those who have perfected themselves. We may not be certain of the voting process, but we are certain of Hip Hops process. We may not be certain of the national histories of the nations in which we live, but we are certain of Hip Hops history. We may not be accepted by the traditions of the worlds major religions, but we are indeed accepted by God! And with these certainties we can build a lifestyle capable of providing us with that which we say we deserve, freedom, justice and equality! Is this not the dream of our elders and ancestors? Is God not with us also? In fact, where is an omnipresent God not? Indeed, Hip Hop is not separate from God and neither are Hiphoppas. It may be time for us as Hiphoppas to seriously begin seeking God for ourselves. And this is where the Temple of Hiphop begins


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