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Taken from JamBase (Jan 5, 2005)

JamBase - Franti's Middle East Film at SlamDance

by JamBase

Michael Franti's documentary film, "I Know I'm Not Alone" is accepted to the Slamdance Film Festival 2005. The festival runs from January 21 - 28, 2005 in Park City, Utah.

Michael Franti, world-renowned musician, poet and activist, travels to the Middle East to explore the human cost of war with a group of friends, an open heart and his guitar.

The documentary captures beautiful imagery of humanity and the terrible destruction war brings, incorporating musical montages and a soundtrack written during and after the experience performed by Michael Franti.

With its artistic film and editing techniques using raw production elements, the documentary is unlike the many informational and politically driven pieces in the marketplace, instead offering the audience a sense of journey and the opportunity to hear the voices of everyday people living with the harsh conditions of war and occupation.

First impressions of Baghdad are the tremendous lack of security, no electricity, no clean water and an immense amount of bombed buildings, Michael and the group are pleasantly surprised as they are welcomed with generosity and kindness by everyone from proud Iraqi families and youth, to US Occupation Forces all wanting to share their stories, hear the music and just dance.

Join us in Park City to see the first screening of "I Know I'm Not Alone" on January 28th.

More info on the festival and tickets can be found at http://www.slamdance.com/.


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