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Taken from Classic Rock Magazine (mmm xx, 2020)

Marillion: Fugazi - Album Of The Week Club review

Marillion's follow-up to their Script For A Jester's Tear took Fish & Co. on a journey into the darkness on Fugazi

by Classic Rock

3 1/2 of 5 stars

(Image credit: EMI)
(Image credit: EMI)

Named after slang used by American troops in Vietnam and meaning "all fucked up", Fugazi - and its title track in particular - illustrated the progress the band had made since their rather fragile sounding debut album.

Prophets, visionaries and poets everywhere heard Fish's rallying call as Marillion's gold-certified second album found a way to bring fresh 80s attack to classic prog complexity, drama and wordplay. Music hadn't witnessed melodrama like this since Peter Gabriel was wearing fox heads. Impeccably indulgent, and at the vanguard of prog's second coming.

And yet. Looking back, Fish thinks that Fugazi - and the band's debut, Script For A Jester's Tear - show a band still finding their feet. "I hear the youth, the naivety and the aspiration in it all," he says. "You can hear us trying to find our own style. Don't get me wrong, those are two wonderful albums. But I think Misplaced Childhood [the following album] was the marker for us, not just because it was a hit, but also because we found ourselves.

"We were still trying to make a name for ourselves and bust out of the divisions as far as success was concerned, and I was dibbling and dabbling with various things at that time too, so that's why Fugazi was a far darker album than Script."

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