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Taken from Spearhead Music Board (February 19, 2004)

MY road trip with Michael Franti and SPEARHEAD

by Earle Edwards

Michael FrantiMy fellow Spearits around the world;

I just want to share with you a few words on My very special VALENTINE'S DAY weekend with Spearhead on the ROAD.

I arrived in Fort Lauderdale 4hrs delayed out of Wash. DC. That was not a problem though, too much excitement in the air. I was greeted by my DEAR SPEARIT friends who helped so much to make this trip happen. That night we talked about everything that dealt with music and the bands we were about to see. Then we rested up in preparation for hitting the road on Friday, the 13th.

Well, our trip started out great with that adventurous vibe floating all around us. That quickly changed when we had van trouble. Between the three of us no one panicked, we had enough time. The van was fixed and we were on our way or so we thought. Ten miles later van trouble AGAIN!
My thoughts at this point was that there is reason for this to happen. I told the guys let's just get there and finish THE mission for the band. Well, 13hrs later we finally arrived in Jacksonville and accomplished our mission.
We missed Spearhead's set but saw Ziggy Rocking The Freebird Cafe.
We were greeted by Michael and told him what happened, he promptly took us to the back to quench our thrist. Ziggy played some of my favorites like "Melancholy Mood", "True To Myself", "Looking" and a great rendition of "Africa Unite". So no Friday da 13th JINX was going to mess up this rainy night in Jacksonville.

After spending the morning with LOVELY Spearit friends who took great care of us in Jacksonville we headed out to Savannah, Ga.

We rested, then headed to the venue on this damp and rainy Valentine's night. We arrived to a seated college of the arts auditorium. We watched Micheal and the played through sound check to a empty HOUSE. It seemed like we had them all to ourselves. I asked permission to take pictures and video tape and Michael and guys said "it's cool" They were working on some new song I had never heard before. It interesting to see them add this sound and take away something else. They kept at it till they felt they got it right. It sounded SOOOOOO GOOD!! I'm watching the video as I am writing this, the band is headed for bigger and better things.

That Valentine's night SPEARHEAD was on FIYAAAAAH. We watched from center stage as they rocked and played some funky, funky music in their 90min set. Needless to say NO ONE remained seated. Including another Spearit frend I met there. Brad truly felt the vibe. They gave off such happy vibes on this night.

On the other hand Ziggy on this night appeared to be flat. He didn't play some of my favorites and didn't seem to want to reach out to the people on this very special night. I spent the rest of the show in the backstage talking about SPEARHEAD'S amazing set.

The following morning we hit the road to Orlando in bright sunshine and the final day of my adventure.

This particular day I tried to stay calm in anticipation of meeting a dear, dear Spearit friend from Tampa.

This was the highlight of MY whole trip meeting her and her husband and that it actually happened. Well, as far as the show THEE BAND turned their 60min set into what many there who had never heard of Spearhead now know. The high point of the set (they are all high) was when my fellow Spearit from my trip brought some children over the barricade who were getting crushed.
It's at this point Michael picked up one these children (maybe 5yrs old) and danced with her. I am sure this child will never forget this moment. Only Michael or Bono would take a chance like that and pick a child up and dance with her on a stack of speakers!!!
Six Foot Six Above Sea Level, SUPA, SUPA Michael.
Oh, Ziggy was much better on this cool and breezy night. A word about the road crew who work so hard to get the stage, equipment and everything else done. Many times without sleep, THANK YOU for what you do.

Just a few words on my adventure on the road with Spearhead. Now, as the band heads north I am waiting to see them once again in Washington, DC. Hopefully, we can MAKE SOME NOISSSEE and wake up the White House as to what is going on around the world. Peace And Much Love Around The World and may we always stand firm and STAY HUMAN
Earle Edwards

PS; I've pictures from the adventure, can someone tell me how one can post them so others can see these shows? Thank you many times over EGGY and KEITH for allowing this to happen. MUCH LOVE HERE


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