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Taken from Ambrosia For Heads (Dec 02, 2019)

KRS-One Shows Why He's A Miracle On A Song From His New Mixtape

by Bandini

KRS-One in the studio. YouTube snapshot
KRS-One in the studio. YouTube snapshot

KRS-One is recording a new project, Street Light. "This is the light for the street, and this light of the street," he explains of the title. "[The other meaning of the title is] the actual street light was the original source of Hip-Hop's power." Pioneers, including the Cold Crush Brothers, have documented using New York City's public utilities to power turntables, mixers, and speakers in the 1970s block parties and park jams.

In a way that was not possible in the 1980s and 1990s, Kris Parker is documenting the creation of his forthcoming mixtape in real-time. Following two recent videos that show The Teacha bringing his books of rhymes into the recording booth, KRS creates a song.

Joined by a female vocalist, the R&B-tinged track features a chorus, "I am a miracle." One of Hip-Hop's most influential MCs sprinkles in his lyrical seasoning from an adjacent room. "I woke up realizing I am a miracle / Starting with the umbilical cord, I am a miracle / Forget whatever I can afford, I am a miracle / Walking with the strength of a lord, spittin' lyrical," he charges. "How am I even spitting at all? That's a miracle / 'Thirty years, KRS-One, how are we still hearing you?'" The Boogie Down Productions co-founder asserts that he represents the pinnacle of culture, riding the beat.

The MC/producer flashes a smile while laying his vocals, which keep the same cadence. "Standing on principle / While others steady dissin' you / But still showin' love livin' above, that's a miracle / They tried to put the fear in you / Act like they wasn't hearin' you / But that was minimal / You remain the miracle / No hate or bitterness, 'cause both are reciprocal / Not to become hateful toward hate? That's a miracle / The rent due / And the landlord? He ain't hearin' you / But the check with no money on it just cleared for you," spits the Criminal Minded author (along with late partner DJ Scott La Rock).

In the second half of the video, KRS-One thanks Dr. Dre (who he took a studio photo with in 2018), while detailing the upcoming work. "We recorded it all these studios and got all these different sounds. But I needed to come to a studio like this so that everything can now sound the same. Everything can now have the same power, inflection, this kinda thing-tone, and all that." Video shows the often under-acknowledged producer tweaking knobs at the boards.

In the last two minutes of the video, KRS teases another excerpt from these recordings. The creator says that Street Light will be available at tour stops at the KRS-One site.


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