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Taken from Mid-Day (June 03, 2019)

Karsh Kale and Kamakshi Khanna's secret project

A Mumbai-based singer Kamakshi Khanna spills the beans on her collaboration with Karsh Kale and future projects

by Karishma Kuenzang

Karsh Kale and Kamakshi Khanna
Karsh Kale and Kamakshi Khanna

It's been an exciting week for singer-songwriter Kamakshi Khanna, who started her career singing in choirs, before dropping two albums, and moving to Mumbai following her participation in The Stage. After all, the RnB and Blues singer, 26, recently spent two days in the studio collaborating with Karsh Kale for an upcoming yet-unnamed venture.

The under-the-wraps project with multi-instrumentalist Kale, who dabbles in a plethora of genres, including a novel mix of Indian classical and electronic, will see the duo create original music with their contrasting sounds. Khanna's soulful and harmony-heavy sounds are, after all, quite at odds with Kale's preferences. She tells mid-day, "Karsh has produced and composed the song, while I have written it. We are trying to create a new sound with this project."

In another first for her, Khanna has also penned the lyrics in Hindi. "I love singing in Hindi and have been doing so for a long time. But, I've never written songs in the language. It was a block that I had. I think in Hindi, though. The language is also better consumed, and approachable. As a songwriter, I am open to trying different things, and growing."

Another upcoming album has been inspired by her experiences of moving to the city of dreams, where she first took a teaching job at the True School of Music. "I wanted a change in perspective and felt like I was getting stuck in a loop. I needed to push myself. So, this album is going to be about personal growth, self-love and the importance of making time for yourself. Mumbai lets you be who you are, without judgment. That is refreshing."

The album will also have Khanna playing more keys, and the guitar - another first for the singer - as well as arranging the tracks. "I want to have more control over the sound of my album." Khanna also has collaborations with Ajay- Atul and Vishal Dadlani, in the pipeline.


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