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Taken from Ultimate-Guitar (Dec 30, 2018)

Classic Genesis Guitarist Steve Hackett: Muse Is a Band That's Progressive in Spirit

"One minute they might do something that sounds a little bit like Prince, and then the next they wander off into a piece of Chopin," Hackett says.

by jomatami

During a recent appearance on WSOU, classic Genesis guitarist Steve Hackett discussed his musical preferences, his upcoming solo album "At the Edge of Light," and more.

You can check out a part of the conversation below (transcribed by UG).

Ultimate-Guitar: What are some of the bands that you are listening to?

Steve Hackett: "I actually like Joe Bonamassa very much. I like his stuff, I think he's a great guitarist - really good.

"I like some of the songs that he does, and also with Black Country Communion with Glenn Hughes and Jason Bonham - that's really quite something.

"There's a British band called Muse. They're interesting because they're kind of, although they're a newer band, you know, they are progressive in spirit.

"Because one minute they might do something that sounds a little bit like Prince, and then the next they wander off into a piece of Chopin. They're very dramatic. Very good stage show - poetry and stuff."

UG: Talking about Genesis - has your role in that band influenced your new album 'At the Edge of Light,' which is coming out on January 25?

SH: "Yeah, I think that Genesis had this thing - if we used the term pan-genre, Genesis would've fitted the bill because when I first joined, we were a five-piece with Peter Gabriel and Phil Collins.

"Very interesting band at that time, pulling in lots of different directions. I think when we started out in search of an audience we've become more theatrical, dressing up, depicting the lyrics in the actual songs, living the songs.

"Somehow, we were labeled 'theatrical rock' along with the rise of David Bowie at that time. You had to do something extraordinary in order to get noticed.

"Now I tend to reinvent the Genesis stuff and just did an eight-date orchestra gig. It was a blast, there will be a DVD in the later part of the next year."

UG: You said you worked with a lot of musicians. Have you worked with [The Aristocrats drummer] Marco Minnemann in the past?

SH: "I did work briefly with Marco live when he was in John Wetton's band, my late pal John Wetton [of King Crimson and Asia fame].

"I got to work with Marco, who was on drums with his bands many many years ago, and that was very interesting. I'm familiar with his work of course, and I know he's a brilliant drummer."

UG: Are there any specific musicians you would like to work with?

SH: "Well, there's a whole bunch of them. It would be nice to do something with Joe Bonamassa at some point. He was introduced to me via [late Yes bassist] Chris Squire, I was working with Chris Squire at the time.

"We saw him in London, and I've seen him live a couple of times, always thought how very good he is, and I saw some stuff that he's done, Eric Clapton did work with him at the Royal Albert Hall. He's a great musician."

"At the Edge of Light" is due out on January 25 as Hackett's 25th studio album. You can check out the "Underground Railroad" single in the embedded player below.


Read Forum-Interview


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