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Taken from San Francisco Bay Area Independent Media Center (September 12, 2004)

Power to the Peaceful

by Charles Slay Sunday, Sep. 12, 2004

Fifty thousand people attended the sixth annual Power to the Peaceful rally in San francisco's Golden Gate Park, Saturday, September 11.

Power to the Peacefu...
benjamin.jpg, image/jpeg, 540x360

Wavy Gravy and Dennis Kucinich
Wavy Gravy and Denni...
wavy_denny.jpg, image/jpeg, 540x360

Wavy Gravy,Clown prince of the counterculture, greets progressive presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich backstage at the Power to the Peaceful Rally. http://www.wavygravy.net/ http://www.kucinich.us/

Stop the 9/11 Cover-up march
Stop the 9/11 Cover-...
stopthe.jpg, image/jpeg, 360x541

The stop the 9/11 cover-up contingent arrives at the Power to the Peaceful rally after marching from the panhandle.

The Pepper Spray Eight
The Pepper Spray Eig...
humboldt8.jpg, image/jpeg, 514x360

Five members of the Pepper Spray Eight came to the rally to publicize their lawsuit against the Humboldt County Sheriff's department. In 1997 the eight protesters had pepper spray forcibly applied to their eyes with q-tips.

Wavy Gravy and unidentified friend
Wavy Gravy and unide...
wavyduo.jpg, image/jpeg, 549x360

Wavy Gravy was on hand to receive special recognition for his life's work at Saturday's rally.

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