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Taken from The Source (March 07, 2015)

This Week In Hip-Hop History: Boogie Down Productions Drops ’Crimnal Minded’

by Tia Long

Fact: In 1998, the debut album was selected as one of The Source's 100 Best Rap Albums.

This week in Hip-Hop history, an album that set the tone for East Coast rap was released in March 1987, Criminal Minded. Members of Boogie Down Productions
(also known as BDP) included Lawrence "KRS-One" Parker, Scott "La Rock" and Sterling, Derrick "D-Nice" Jones.

The debut album by BDP included the New York classics "The Bridge Is Over" and "South Bronx". True Hip Hop heads know the rivalry that sparked when this project dropped, targeting Queen’s Bridge artists and MC Shan and the Juice Crew.

What’s rap culture without beef right?

KRS-One and DJ Scott La Rock held it down on the cover surrounded by arsenal weapons, gunplay, which later became one of the most popular topics in gangster rap music. Despite the more violent tracks, hits like "Poetry" and "Elementary" showcased KRS’ raw lyrical talent.

Sadly the group’s success was short lived after August 12, 1987 when DJ Scott La Rock was killed outside the Bronx’s Highbridge projects. The tragedy struck hard for BDP and fueled the Stop The Violence Movement in 1989.

"There’s no prosperity in the future, without understanding history." - Tia Long (@ByTiaLong)


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