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Taken from Dover Post (Jul 21, 2012)

Michael Franti sings his way into Firefly hearts

by Staff reports

Michael Franti
Franti moved to the middle of the crowd
for "Hey, Hey, Hey" - Christine Miller

Michael Franti is known for leaving it all on the stage and he didn’t disappoint at his Saturday performance at the Firefly Festival.

He was enthusiastic, playing new songs and old and delighting the crowd with his take on life. Before he even launched into his hit “Sound of Sunshine,” he was met with a roar from the crowd after he explained the meaning of the song and why it’s relevant today, saying that he wrote it following a near-death experience caused by his appendix rupturing.

Then, he touched on the recent shootings in a Colorado movie theater, saying “if people are not allowed to possess weed, they probably shouldn’t be allowed to carry assault rifles either.”

He quickly went back to the music, though. He climbed down from stage several times, engaging the crowd with beach balls, dancing and their own singing voices.

“Life is Better With You” was met with lots of hand-holding and swaying as couples were pairing off at Franti’s request and desire that people fall in love over the weekend.

He quickly livened it back up with his recent hit “Hey, Hey, Hey” and closed out the show on the upbeat with roaring, jumping and singing fans losing their minds following one of the most enthusiastic sets of the day.


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