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The Raconteurs @ Verti Music Hall - Berlin(DE)




Posted: 2019-06-04 09:12:37

The Raconteurs, Electric Ballroom, London - May 2019. Photo: Emma Swann
The Raconteurs
Electric Ballroom, London - May 2019. Photo: Emma Swann

Conclusion: I was a little bit disappointed, mainly because the performance of Jack White and Co lasted only 90 minutes. Also the sound was pretty mushy and maybe a bit too loud.

But that can be due to my place, because I sat at the top of the last row and somehow there was no atmosphere under the people.

I was sitting exactly in the extension of the staircase and it was brightly lit from above, so I always sat in the light, which didn't improve my mood either.

But from the beginning. Shortly after 8pm I left the house, only with the ticket and some money.

I left the Mobile extra at home, because I knew that they were packed in extra bags during the concert, so they could not be used during the concert. When I found my place, the instruments were checked and I had a panoramic view into the new location "Verti Music Hall". It was very well filled - maybe even sold out. Most people were probably in the interior directly in front of the stage. They had a lot of fun during the show (Pogo) and knew some chorus lyrics by heart.

Around me on the upper level there was no right mood. Moderate clapping, nobody got up, well - a used evening.

Punctually at 9pm the show started to end 90 minutes later. In between they played their hits from "Broken Boy Soldiers" with a lot of fun, from the new record "Help Me, Stranger" possibly some songs as well as from their second record "Consolers Of The Lonely" which I don't know. The last song of the encore was "Steady as She Goes" and I knew that nothing would come after that, so I left right after that, a little deaf in my right ear.

At 11 I was home again.

Jack White (Guitar/Piano/Vocals)
Brendan Benson (Guitar/Vocals)
Jack Lawrence (Bass/Vocals)
Patrick Keeler (Drums)
Dean Fertita (Keyboard/Guitar)

Songs - as far as I know:
"Steady as She Goes", "Hands", "Intimate Secretary" and "Level" from "Broken Boy Soldiers"
"You Don't Understand Me" from "Consolers Of The Lonely"
"Sunday Driver", "Now That You're Gone", "Hey Gyp (Dig the Slowness)" and "Help Me, Stranger" from "Help Me, Stranger"


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