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Actual and past members of Michael Franti & Spearhead


Michael Franti - Vocals / Guitar


Carl Young - Bass / Vocals


Manas Itiene - Drums / Vocals


J Bowman - Guitar


Taken from Michael Franti (Apr 24, 2016)

One of the rising stars of the San Francisco music scene, musician and producer J Bowman began his music career in Chicago. After relocating to the Bay Area to record with Sandy Pearlman (The Clash, Black Sabbath, Blue Oyster Cult), the guitar virtuoso was quickly recognized for his ability to adapt his style to a number of genres, from rock to funk to hip hop to house. Soon he was in the studio with George Clinton, Pink, Chris Isaak, Sly & Robbie, 2Pac, Scott Hardkiss, The Hieroglyphics, Fatboy Slim, Melle Mel, Paula Cole, Cake, Souls Of Mischief, Aceyalone, Miguel Migs and the list goes on.

Bowman is also production partner to Michael Franti (Spearhead), performing on the road and collaborating in the studio. When not touring the world, he's found time to produce a number of indie San Francisco acts, including dance-punk girls Von Iva, blues rock songstress LZ Love and his own side project Frequency 3, which mixes rock songwriting with dance floor beats. J Bowman is currently working on his self-titled solo debut album. His live shows are a high-energy explosion of rock and roll, but you may still find him playing guitar with a DJ or two around S.F. if you are lucky.


Mike Blankenship - Keyboards